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+EyeCandy's Sponsor Review - NEO Lucky Clover Green on light eyes!+

I've had a lot of lenses to review for you guys, from my beloved Eye Candy's!
This time I got NEO Lucky Clover Green lenses!

Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Power: plano, -0.50, -1.00 to -5.00 (0.25 step), -5.50 to -8.00 (0.50 step)
Duration: 1 year disposable

PRICE: 21,78€

And here is how they fit into my bright blue eyes!

 Aren't they wonderful??
How you like? I am all sold! I love them, never imagined that green eyes would fit me!
Didn't even feel them in the eyes! Very easy to erase as well. Didn't dry the eyes at all!
Very good color design! The shade of green is perfect!
Perfect to blend in any color of an eye. I love how the little darker green seems to surround the lens.
Light Eye: 
Works on green eyes and blue eyes real well! If you had a little brown center around your pupils it's be the most perfect match with these lenses. Still as you can see they are awesome also on blue eyes. And there are no lenses that wouldn't go with brown eyes, so I recommend these for everyone who likes the shade of the color!

I also got this cute monkey lens case from EyeCandy! 
How cute is this!? I didn't have to show this, but damn it's so cute that I wanna show it off!

How did you enjoy this review and you think these lenses fit me??
You have something in EYECANDYS webshop that you'd like me to test out? Comment bellow!

Thank you for


+Geo Coloured Lense - Eyes Cream Vanilla Brown Lenses - Light Eyes Review+

I got Eyes Cream Vanilla Brown circle lenses sponsored by

Power Range: 0.00~-8.00
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable
* It is advisable to dispose it within 4 months for regular use or if it starts to cause dryness.
* Please handle with clean hands and soak it with solutions after every usage. 
I would give so much more stars if possible! They were like magic in my eyes in less than a minute and I didn't even feel them there. As well when I took them off they just jumped out of the eye when I just a little touched them! Amazing!
The color is nice, but they didn't blend as well as I hoped. They looked better in nature than these pictures. In the photos they don't blend at all.
Design is light and wonderful. They would still fit better to green eyes I think, since the color on them was real warm. Too warm for cool colored eyes.
Light Eye: 
Works better on light than dark eyes on my opinion. The dark eyes they just enlarge the pupils a little, but the design and the color just disapear.
They anyhow look quite nice on these studio photos in the warm light! I anyway enjoy of them so much since I appreciate if I can't feel like there is something attached to my eyeballs so, I recommend these!
What you like?


+LolitaDressesShop - Wig Review+

So a month back from now I got an agreement for sponsorship with They sell Lolita dresses, wigs, cosplays and such. These wigs took around 3 weeks to arrive for me. I am not sure is the long time for the senders location or that the Christmas season has already started in the most parts of the world. They gave me a tracking code and answered when I contacted them.

 I was interested in to only review wigs. Wigs are part of me and I am interested to try all the time something new and find trustworthy places to get them. For wigs good lasting quality it's worthy to pay for. If you buy a 5$ wig, seriously, what kind of quality are you expecting to get? So even the Lolita Dresses Shops wigs are a bit expensive 40-60$, I can honestly recommend their wigs, great quality and the products pictures wig was exactly what I got. They are heat resistant, which means you can still style them if you find them too curly. I have on this review an example from such act. So now to the wigs I got.

I chose two wigs:

Lolita Purple Maid Sweet Cosplay Wig

Lolita Taro Purple Curl Maid Cute Cosplay Wig

This wig has been for Lolita wear. It got three layers of different color. Light blue, ash purple and caramel brown. I've wanted to test this wig for a long time now and I totally love it! I love how it stands out and it's colors with well with winter.
 However, I found a problem with it. It's too curly for my use. So here I show you the difference you can make for a wig if the curls are bothering you, even if you would love the wigs color other wise. These wigs you can use hair straightner  or curling iron to re-style them. Here I wanted to keep a little wavy look so I used the iron in 170'c. Now remember when you straight the curls, pay attention that the length is gonna become longer the more you straight it.
 Here's the change so that you can see it.
 And here is the final result.
 I like it in this natural look! It's longer and it falls better now. Also now it won't get messy so easy.
I love the colors and it's a good combo, but I think there is too much brown for 5 stars.
Heat resistant fibre, the best there is after real hair. 
45,99$, normal price for this quality wig, but still more than I've got use to.
Nothing bad to say!
Total: ★+
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
This wig is perfect for, everyday wear, lolita and even cosplay! The color is wonderful and it made
me feel like a princess when I was wearing it! It's just simply too beautiful to be real!
Perfect ash purple pink color and the curls. Not too curly and very natural outstanding look!
Heat resistant fibre, the best there is after real hair. 
53,99$, The wig is long and the quality is good. Price goes with the size, still more than what I've got use to.
Nothing bad to say!

What you guys think of these? Should I review more wigs from them, some new ones?
Which one was your favorite? Experiences of buying from here?

Thank you