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Geo Olive Turquoise OL-102 Sponsored - GEOCOLOUREDLENSES

I got new lenses from Geo Coloured!

The color and styling of these lenses got my interest 
and I just had to try them on!

 The left one is upside down. This sample is for you not to wear them
wrong. I first did and was pain to remove them!

So here they are.
They do look a little creepy in everyday use, 
so I would suggest them more as cosplay lenses.

Price: 15,33€

Power Range: 0.00 (Available in Plano only)
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

Quite fine! Needed a bit more eye drops that the others I got from them
but the comfort was still good.
Color is great but I was hoping it to be more turquoise like in their picture.
Expected something more shocking!
Design is nice. Really hypnotic like and as I say perfect for cosplay to create very unatural and awesme look. Sadly just prepared for darker and browner base than my eye color.
Light Eye: 
I'd say they'd go better with dark eyes. Or at least darker than mine. The result is a bit too creepy for my liking.

You guys have had any experiences of these?

Thank you for Geo Coloured Lenses once again!


+Sololita sponsor review - Navy Princess+

I got a new dress from just before Christmas. I wanted something to finally prepare my long time dream plan of "Cosplay"! If you missed the other review you can read it from HERE.

Price: 81,99€
Sizes: XS-XXL
Colors: Only This

It was around 2 months before this dress arrived. It was delivered to my door by UPS delivery service, but even tough it was around Christmas season it took kinda a long time to arrive? Just as if it was a Christmas present it wouldn't have made it in time even with 2 month early run.
Anyhow here is the dress as it's in their shop.
And here as it arrived to me. (I don't have a tutu underneath!)

Okay so, it doesn't have that white lace, the bow is made with the same fabric not with silk as in the picture and the hems top layer of ruffle is longer than in the product picture. Other than that, this dress was WAY better quality than the last one. The fabric was tougher but not too thick, just  fine to keep it's shape.
 Now to my big master plan! 
I love those Ball Jointed Dolls. They always give me inspiration to these kind of things and bring me up when I've kept a break on drawing anything in a long time. So I wanted to cosplay one, and that's the reason I got one more sponsored dress from SoLolita. So HERE people, the rest of the pictures!