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+Geo Coloured Lenses Holicat sexy gray+Barbie cat REVIEW+

I got sponsored by my own chosen pairs.
I got this time 3 pair but the one is from other collection than
Holicat so I will review it separately!

So today my review is about:

I adore these packages so much! I could've had the whole collection for my review, but the most of them seemed like they wouldn't fit light eyes so well, so I chose only Sexy Gray and Barbie Cat.

Spoiler alert, GREAT CHOICE!

First up I show the Barbie Cat!

I tried with my styling follow a little packages to make my outlooks even cuter. I also invited my cats to become my props. So here we go!


price: 17,03€

Power Range: 0.00~-8.00
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.7
Water Content: 40~42%
1 year disposable

 Close up they don't look as good as from the further distance, but they were really adorable!

I really enjoyed these lenses!

Easy to apply, didn't make eyes dry and even tough a little hair was underneath I noticed it only when I eared them from my eyes and checked the lens?! I don't get it, but thank god!

Color is really nice, hazel. Could've maybe been tiny bit darker, since my own eye base is so light, but not enough to complain about it!
I was expecting a little bit better blending. The color
should've started closer to the pupil. Not really special design, kinda basic.

Light Eye: 
Works! I think these would fit the best for green eye base. For blue there is too much inner frame.


Next up the


price: 17,03€

Power Range: 0.00~-8.00
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.7
Water Content: 40~42%
1 year disposable

I fell in love with these totally!
They really just jumped in my eye and out. Super comfort, felt great, forgot I was wearing them while taking the pictures. Just fell in love with them, super easy!

Nothing bad to say about the color. Blends super and looks great!
Intensive and deep. Gives great contrast to my eye color. They look so magical, I wanna wear them always! The enlargement makes my eyes look so huge, and I love that effect!

Light Eye: 
Works! I think these were made for blue eyes. That's all I can say. This works!

Thank you for
Geocoloured lenses for sponsoring!


+Sololita Sponsored Short Wigs review+ sponsored me with two wigs again. This time I chose two from the short series.

I chose the BLONDE one since I found it real cool looking and thought it'd work great together with some very casual look added something girly with it. Also the color of the picture, ashy blonde, seemed like perfect choose. 

I've never ever, bought a bob style wig such as this BROWN one. I always thought they might look real unnatural when they can't really fall and wave the same way as the longer ones. So I wanted to test would it look like a total helmet on my head and wanted to add some punk-rock to go with it!

BROWN:  43,50$ HERE

3 stars only, because the wig is not as in their product picture. Color is way lighter and kinda cheap. Without any kind of hats I don't think I could ever wear this. You can tell it's a wig too clearly. It fits me quite well tough, at least it went perfectly with my styling and outfit. The quality of the wig is not doubted tough, only wrong styling and color.


This blonde one is quite much alike.It would've needed more  styling to become the wig of the product picture, but quite fine. Better than the bob one at least! Only minus is that it makes me look real old and not fitting my style or personality at all!

Big minuses, I think SoLolita should do their own product photos. Half I've got have been something alike with the product pictures which is totally not cool.

That's all today!
Thank you for sponsoring me!


+Talking To Myself - Jewelry +

As promised it's time for TALKING TO MYSELF Review.

I told you that I got some very extra special gift from Talking To Myself Milla as a suprise and now I'm super excited to show you what I got! When I was still attending to cons of Finland I use to rush to Millas booth to buy her accessories. I remember the last haul was a domino/orio necklace in yellow and a chocolate necklace. I was a huge fan and still am!

The horns as you already saw in the photoshoots.
They were a little tight for me. I get headache real easily
and I could imagine wearing these all day the pain would pretty
much get me big time. The horns are also quite heavy. In great balance tough. 
The other side is none heavier than the other.

Then again when I wore them with my wig on they didn't burst 
my head that badly. These are real well done, but the heads of the 
band are a little wrinkly and the ribbon around it had come off a little.
Of course the heads will cover in the hair so it doesn't really matter!

I got these for 25€ and they weren't really sponsored, but I thought
I'd say a few words of them anyway in this post!

Now to what I got!


This space necklace is a dream come true!
It's really adorable and cool! If I would
have an element it would be space. I love
this so much. She is still selling these for 14$

Choco with cream anyone?
This is real cute necklace. The only minus 
is that it's pretty much all the time upside down.
Was super difficult to take a picture of it. But
it's really adorable. Don't know the price tough, 
maybe same around 15$!

Bun chocolate cake!
This ring is flexble and can be any size from tiny to big. 
Which was good news for my boney fingers! 
The cake texture inside is amazing! Like real cake.

Talking To Myself new collection is a mix up from something quite classical from her turned into something new. Bottles to your phones dust plug. Simply place this cute bottle to where you would connect your headphones! Super adorbs!

My fav bottles from her are necklaces that say, Mermaid tears and 
the hearts in jelly. So awesome.

The last ones in the sweet smelling pack where these earrings.
Now there's a bummer since I don't have earrings myself for
in my case they got closed 6 years ago. Randomly I was
able to open them for a special events but now a days
it's not possible anymore. Such a shame, I must give these
as a present to someone for them not going to waste!

That's all of these!
Bolin was helping me a lot in here so he deserves his place in the end of this post!
Hope you enjoyed and you should TOTALLY go ahead and see Millas previous works and place and order. Or visit her at Cons, which ever is the best for you!