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+Sololita Sponsored Short Wigs review+ sponsored me with two wigs again. This time I chose two from the short series.

I chose the BLONDE one since I found it real cool looking and thought it'd work great together with some very casual look added something girly with it. Also the color of the picture, ashy blonde, seemed like perfect choose. 

I've never ever, bought a bob style wig such as this BROWN one. I always thought they might look real unnatural when they can't really fall and wave the same way as the longer ones. So I wanted to test would it look like a total helmet on my head and wanted to add some punk-rock to go with it!

BROWN:  43,50$ HERE

3 stars only, because the wig is not as in their product picture. Color is way lighter and kinda cheap. Without any kind of hats I don't think I could ever wear this. You can tell it's a wig too clearly. It fits me quite well tough, at least it went perfectly with my styling and outfit. The quality of the wig is not doubted tough, only wrong styling and color.


This blonde one is quite much alike.It would've needed more  styling to become the wig of the product picture, but quite fine. Better than the bob one at least! Only minus is that it makes me look real old and not fitting my style or personality at all!

Big minuses, I think SoLolita should do their own product photos. Half I've got have been something alike with the product pictures which is totally not cool.

That's all today!
Thank you for sponsoring me!

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  1. Well... I like the first wig! Also the lighter color! But if you say the quality is not the best hmm...